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Eurorack synthesizer PCB clearance sale

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UPDATE:  The sale is over; thank you for your support.  As described below, I'm no longer offering PCB-only or PCB+panel items, but shipping is now free of charge to all destinations regardless of order total.

It's coming up on four months since I launched the North Coast Web storefront, and time to evaluate again how my different product offerings are doing.  To make a long story short, it's pretty clear from the numbers that offering PCB sets (both with and without panels) isn't working.  Among other reasons, international shipping on items so small is a big problem - the shipping costs about as much as or more than the products, and rather than (what I'd hoped for) choosing bigger products with prices high enough to hit my free-shipping offers, customers are instead looking only at the lowest-priced products, deciding the shipping on those is too much, and then buying nothing.  So I'm going to do a sale on PCB sets to help clear them out, more or less coinciding with the silly sales season in places that celebrate that, and then at the end of the month, I'll stop offering PCB sets.  This can mean bargains for you, if you act quickly.

Here are all the sale items:

  • MSK 010 Fixed Sine Bank PCB-only 30% off
  • MSK 010 Fixed Sine Bank PCB+panel 20% off
  • MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch PCB-only 30% off
  • MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch PCB+panel 20% off
  • MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF PCB-only 30% off

Something else to be aware of is that I'll be visiting my family for about a week in December, and away from my usual workspace.  That will limit my ability to fill orders and answer support requests; if you want an order to ship before my trip, you must place it on or before December 17.  I'll also announce this with a banner in the shop, closer to when the time comes.

Here's the planned timeline:

  • November 24: from now until the end of the month, 30% off on PCB-only sets, 20% off on PCB+panel sets
  • December 1:  North Coast will no longer offer Eurorack PCB sets, with or without panels, but will start offering no-charge shipping on all orders instead of the current price- and region-based offers.  I reserve the right to increase the prices on the smaller products a little bit to help cover this, but for most customers, the savings on shipping will result in a lower total, and I don't plan to increase the price on the assembled Leapfrog (which was already shipping free worldwide anyway).
  • December 17:  last day to place orders that will ship before I leave
  • December 28:  first day I can commit to shipping orders placed later than December 17

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