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Shipping Information

Shipping prices are calculated at checkout and will vary depending on the destination; in practice they do not depend much on weight because our products are small and there's a minimum amount the postal service charges for delivering any package no matter the size.  We do not make a profit on shipping fees; this is what it costs to ship commercial packages.

Some typical example rates (for an MSK 008 full kit, with postal and currency-exchange rates as of August 31, 2017):

  • "Expedited Parcel" to Canada:  CAD$8.42 (but this order would qualify for "we pay," see below)
  • "Tracked Packet USA" to the USA:  CAD$16.14 = USD$12.91
  • "Tracked Packet International" to Germany:  CAD$28.51 = €19.14
  • "Tracked Packet International" to Australia: CAD$32.38 = AUD$32.59
  • "Xpresspost International" to Japan:  CAD$66.63 = 5865円

Untracked options for small orders

Tracking is generally a necessity for commercial packages because of the risk that the postal service won't deliver the package.  If we send you something without tracking and it doesn't arrive, there is no recourse:  the postal service will just say "Too bad, you should have paid for tracking!" and drop the case.  In the case of international shipments, the Canadian and other country's postal services will each blame the other.  Nonetheless, it hurts to pay more for shipping a small package than the contents are worth, so on small orders sent to Canada or the USA, if you want to take the chance of using an untracked service, we offer it as an option.  Our e-commerce platform doesn't automatically calculate precise rates for these services, so we offer fixed prices that approximate the actual cost.

  • For Canadian orders under CAD$50 (such as a PCB-only set):   we offer untracked Lettermail for CAD$3.
  • For orders to the USA under CAD$50:  we offer untracked Small Packet for CAD$10.

We pay shipping on large orders

For orders over a certain size that depends on the destination, we pay the shipping.  This is not "free" - it still costs just as much! - but we pay for it as a thank-you for our best customers.  The shipping method we use for this will normally be the lowest-priced tracked option available.

  • For Canadian orders, we pay shipping on merchandise totalling over CAD$150 (such as any of our full kits or assembled modules).
  • For orders to the USA, we pay shipping on merchandise totalling over CAD$200 (such as any of our assembled modules).
  • For orders elsewhere, we pay shipping on merchandise totalling over CAD$500 (multiple modules, or our forthcoming Leapfrog Filter module).

Other possibilities

If you want some other shipping method (such as local pickup in Toronto, or a courier account), contact to arrange it before you place your order.

Your local modular retailer may be able to offer you a better deal on North Coast modules by splitting the costs of shipping and import over a larger order.  Have them contact to discuss wholesale pricing.