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A few days ago I suddenly found myself unable to log in to the admin section of this Web site. That's understandably a problem when I'm running a business through the site. Upon investigation, it turns out that my e-commerce provider had made some kind of internal change which rendered the site no longer compatible with my preferred browser, and the best they could offer me was to say I should switch browsers. For this to happen at all is a dealbreaker, let alone with no advance notice, and so I will be migrating the North Coast Synthesis Web storefront elsewhere and ending my relationship with these people as soon as possible. This is the kind of behind-the-scenes issue that sometimes comes up when running a business online. The Web pages you see as a member of the general public are the proverbial tip of the patch cable; there's always a lot of unseen work and a lot of unseen business going on to support the part you see.

Fortunately, I can still limp along in the old store with an alternate browser. I'm still taking and filling orders and expect no interruption in that. Using the alternate browser is not acceptable on an ongoing basis, but it should give me time to evaluate other places to run the storefront and try to pick a good one. With luck, the new storefront may even be able to overcome some of the limitations of the current one - for instance, it'd be really nice if I could have real multicurrency support all the way through the checkout instead of the numbers having to change to Canadian dollar amounts on the last page. However, it's likely that at least some aspects of the look and feel will change when I cut over to the new store, and if you've created a user account, it's possible you may have to re-create it after the switch.

In the mean time, here's a video review from Color My Sound of the MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch:

Modular Synthesis Intro, part 12: Sequencing || Modular synthesis intro, part 13: Envelope generators

MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch

MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch

US$201.42 including shipping

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