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Middle Path VCO

Currency options in the Web storefront

This online shop offers multi-currency payment. In most cases the Web site will automatically guess the most convenient payment currency for you by default based on your IP address; but you can also select others. At the moment we select Canadian dollars, Euros, British pounds, Japanese yen, US dollars, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Here are some notes on currencies and how to use them. READ MORE

Build your own commercial module part 5: pricing your module

So, you've completed your commercial module design. You've spent time and money developing it, maybe you've hired me or another consultant to go over it and make suggestions, and you've lined up sources for parts and manufacturing partners. You're making plans to sell it to your customers. Now, if not sooner, you face an important decision: what's the price going to be? READ MORE

The varieties of ribbon cable experience

Eurorack ribbon cables are a perennial source of confusion for newbies to the format, and destroying a module by power misconnection has become almost a rite of passage. Many modules, including the ones I sell, include reverse voltage protection to prevent the worst of such mistakes. But rather than write yet another tutorial that expands the simple admonition of "red stripe down" into thousands of words, I'd like to look at some details of the cable assemblies themselves. Have you ever really looked closely at one? READ MORE

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