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Innovative designs, traditional values

The greatest music is made with instruments that are themselves works of art.  Our designs are new creations, functional works of art in themselves, never clones or knockoffs of outdated technology.  But we continue the living tradition of high-quality electronics that was more familiar in the previous century. That's why we design our modules to be built by hand, whether we sell them ready-made or as kits for do-it-yourself assembly.  North Coast modules are built with high-quality, brand-new parts, to last a lifetime of use; and to current environmental and similar standards.  Because we provide complete technical documentation and accessible physical designs, our products can be maintained when necessary, not just thrown away at the first hint of trouble, and anyone with the skills can work on them - there is no lock-in.  As one of the most technically open manufacturers in this industry, we cater to artists who need to deeply understand how the instruments work, and even modify and customize them.  Our designs are mostly analog, and mostly through-hole, but we use so-called vintage technology exactly where it makes sense to do so, guided by evidence and never just out of prejudice or mumbo-jumbo.