Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Leapfrog VCF

Tickling twonies with triangle waves

There's been a plague of bad twonies in Toronto recently. These are counterfeit Canadian $2 coins. They've been called "camel toe twonies" because one of the most visible features of the bad ones is that the right front paw of the polar bear on the reverse is misshapen, vaguely resembling the toe of a literal camel and not any other meaning of that term. READ MORE

Outrunning the Noise Bear

Somewhere in the far North, in fact on the North Coast, the Tenderfoot module was new in town, and a grizzled old A-110-1 was showing him around. As they passed the Rack Brute Saloon, the old timer warned the newcomer about the Noise Bear. READ MORE

Smith chart by projection

I want to use a Smith chart in an upcoming article here, but it occurs to me that most readers probably aren't familiar with them. Smith charts don't come up very often in audio, being mostly an RF thing. So as with complex numbers, I'm posting this separate article to introduce Smith charts, and then I can refer back to it when I use them later. READ MORE

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