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MSK 015 Quad VCA
MSK 015 Quad VCA
MSK 015 Quad VCA

MSK 015 Quad VCA

US$447.93 including shipping


Also available as an SDIY kit.

Never run out of VCAs again

So you're patching your synthesizer, deep into a groove, and you run into a wall: not enough VCAs. We've all been there. Whether adding a voice, bringing in a modulation source, modulating the modulators, or panning signals around in stereo or quadraphonic sound, every new patch idea seems like it calls for just one more voltage-controlled amplifier.

This module gives you four. Four clean general-purpose VCA channels based on the Alfa AS3360 chip, with normalling between the channels to make stereo patching convenient. It's easy to build cross-fade and panning patches with the separate inverting and non-inverting control voltages on each channel. The global mix output works for combining voices, and there are two sets of two-channel sum and difference outputs, allowing the Quad VCA to serve as a mid-side encoder and decoder. The normally two-quadrant VCA channels can even be used in pairs for two four-quadrant ("ring mod") multipliers. With so many ways to use it, the Quad VCA could be the only VCA module needed in a small portable rack, or the heart of a complex patch in a large installation.

North Coast's Quad VCA is available as a pre-built 20HP Eurorack module or a DIY kit. Remove the limits.



Audio demos

Click titles for patch notes; and visit our audio server for more tracks made with the MSK 015.

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