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MSK 015 Quad VCA SDIY Kit
MSK 015 Quad VCA SDIY Kit
MSK 015 Quad VCA SDIY Kit
MSK 015 Quad VCA SDIY Kit

MSK 015 Quad VCA SDIY Kit

US$313.32 including shipping


Also available as an assembled module.

Never run out of VCAs again

So you're patching your synthesizer, deep into a groove, and you run into a wall: not enough VCAs. We've all been there. Whether adding a voice, bringing in a modulation source, modulating the modulators, or panning signals around in stereo or quadraphonic sound, every new patch idea seems like it calls for just one more voltage-controlled amplifier.

Instead of building new VCA channels one at a time, you can get four at once in this kit - with intelligent ways to use them in combination. The separate inverting and non-inverting control voltages on each channel make it easy to patch stereo panning and cross-fading functions. The global mix output works for combining voices, and there are two sets of two-channel sum and difference outputs, allowing the Quad VCA to serve as a mid-side encoder and decoder. The normally two-quadrant VCA channels can even be combined in pairs as two four-quadrant ("ring mod") multipliers. With so many ways to use it, the Quad VCA could be the only VCA module needed in a small portable rack, or the heart of a complex patch in a large installation.

North Coast's Quad VCA is available as an SDIY kit or a pre-built 20HP Eurorack module. Remove the limits.



Audio demos

Click titles for patch notes; and visit our audio server for more tracks made with the MSK 015.

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