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B-stock Leapfrog available


UPDATE:  This item has been sold and is no longer available.  I'm leaving the Web log posting online for historical interest.

Hey, kids, I have an assembled Leapfrog Filter here that failed the initial quality control (because of what turned out to be a problem with the board-to-board connectors) and in debugging it, I had to do a bunch of desoldering and ended up overheating the board and lifting some pads on the PCB.  I repaired those with added wires, and the result should be perfectly serviceable, but I don't want to sell it at full price.

photo of ugly-duckling Leapfrog VCF

So I'm calling it "B stock" and offering a discount.  If you'd like an ugly-duckling Leapfrog module at less than the usual price, then you can put an assembled Leapfrog in your cart and enter the code "BSTOCK1807" during checkout for Ca$65.00 off.  The module is tested and adjusted to the same standard as my regular modules, and it is covered by my usual warranty/return policy with the understanding that the lifted pads and associated repair are not in themselves a warrantable defect - if you use the discount you're signifying your agreement to that.  The repair isn't easily visible unless you disassemble the module and know just where to look.

I only have one module like this, and it's first-come, first-served.

Here's a recording of the specific individual module in question, made while I was doing the tracking adjustment.  The way I adjust tracking on Leapfrogs is to patch them as sine oscillators and use a computerized module to feed them randomly-chosen MIDI notes, measure the output frequency, and then (by linear regression) determine the overall slope of the V/octave curve.  Since this measures multiple frequencies, it should be more accurate overall than the usual multimeter/frequency counter hand adjustment method, which only considers two reference frequencies.  The side effect of running the test is that I have a stream of random-frequency sine waves, so to make an interesting recording I multed that off from the computer input and used it to feed a Mutable Clouds granular-effects module, with some other North Coast modules controlling the modulation inputs on the Clouds.

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MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF

MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF

US$389.20 including shipping

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