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Card payment update


I've made some changes to the way the Web storefront handles credit card payments to make checking out a little easier. Now, after filling out the order form, you'll be taken directly to the credit card processor's site and you can pay immediately, instead of needing to wait for an email message with a payment link.

Close-up photo of a handheld card payment terminal

It needed to happen, but I've been resisting this change because, ever since Stripe flaked out on me with a sudden browser compatibility issue in October 2021, I've regarded the use of Stripe for payment processing as a temporary stopgap, and I've been looking for a replacement. When BigCommerce also flaked out a few weeks later and I had to implement a new storefront of my own on short notice, I didn't want to do an "integration" for Stripe because I figured I'd be leaving them within a month or two. Instead, I've been manually setting up payment links and emailing them out to each customer who placed an order. Requiring an email exchange was supposed to be just a brief emergency arrangement until I could sign up with a payment processor other than Stripe and get the new processor integrated into the new storefront.

The new storefront has been deployed for a few years new, I've been on the mostly-manual payment processing system all that time, and so far I just haven't been able to find any acceptable substitute for Stripe. That in itself is frightening, because it means if Stripe breaks further, to the point where I cannot use Stripe instead of merely not wanting to, then it could simply mean the end of my business. But, at the same time, I do need payment processing that works, and Stripe is still possible to use, so, here is the integration. Time to acknowledge that it's probably not going to change in the next few months.

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