RSS works again

Tags: storemeta

As the title says, North Coast's RSS feed works again.  The URL is in the footer of every page:

That's a change from the old URL, but the old URL still works if you're already subscribed to it.  Since BigCommerce won't let recently-created accounts use the RSS features that they are continuing to maintain for old accounts, implementing this was quite a chore:  I had to implement a script of my own that would use their proprietary OAuth-based API to download the contents of this Web log and reformat it into RSS format.  I took the opportunity to make it also automatically add next/previous links to each entry (auto-added, up to one hour after the entry goes live), which is basically impossible to do in BigCommerce's templating language because the template for a Web log entry only gets to see fields in that particular entry, with no access to other entries to get their URLs or titles.  Gratuitously way more work for me than the task should've required.  As you may infer, I'm less than thrilled with BigCommerce at the moment.

But be that as it may, the new features work, so enjoy them!