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Terms and Conditions of Sale

as of July 20, 2017

Such words and phrases as "North Coast," "we," and "us" refer to North Coast Synthesis Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of Canada.  Such words as "Purchaser" and "you" refer to the person or entity buying our products through this Web site or otherwise.

Sales are "FCA Toronto" according to Incoterms 2010.  That is a standardized set of commercial sales terms meaning among other things that we are responsible for and hold title to the goods until we transfer them to the carrier (such as a courier company) in Toronto, and after that the title and responsibility is yours.  Some terms below duplicate those of Incoterms 2010 for greater clarity.  FCA is very similar to FOB, but FOB would only be properly applied to shipments by sea.

Prices on our Web site do not include taxes unless specified, and we collect sales taxes as and when required by Canadian law.  In the case of assembled sound modules shipped to addresses in British Columbia, prices on our Web site include $0.40 per module British Columbia Environmental Handling Fee.  EPRA Steward Number RBC503393.

Our Web site can display equivalent prices in multiple currencies for purchasers' convenience, but the final checkout process and our binding price offers are always in Canadian dollars.


In the case of do-it-yourself kits or other products that include unassembled electronic components:  sales are final.  We do not offer a warranty whether express or implied, returns, or refunds on do-it-yourself products.  Once electronic components have been assembled they are in general not reusable, and even if not assembled, many electronic components are easily damaged in ways that are difficult to test (for instance, by electrostatic discharge).  It would be prohibitively difficult to test and re-sell returned components or to determine whether they were in fact defective at the time of sale or had subsequently been damaged by the purchaser.

In the case of bare circuit boards without components, and pre-assembled products such as modules:  we offer refund of the amount you paid us, for returns initiated within 30 days from purchase in two cases:
  (i) verifiable defects in materials or manufacturing; or
  (ii) if you return the product in original condition and packaging and in working order, suitable for resale.
For defective products (case (i)) we also offer exchange for an identical product, at your option instead of the refund, but subject to our having a suitable replacement in stock.

We do not charge a restocking fee.

For all returns, contact us by email ( for instructions before shipping the product back.  You are responsible for shipping the returned product back to us by a suitable carrier and packed appropriately.  Please declare any return shipments to Customs as warranty return shipments to avoid extra Customs fees charged on re-import to Canada; you are responsible for any such fees.


We do not promise to provide any technical support on do-it-yourself products.  These products are intended for use by persons with a high level of technical skill, and any training or skills upgrading services we might offer would ordinarily be sold as separate products, not included with the kits.  However, we provide on our Web site at no charge detailed technical manuals for all our do-it-yourself products and we encourage everybody (including non-customers) to read those.  Most reasonable technical questions are answered in the manuals.

For pre-assembled products, we offer reasonable technical support for the lifetime of the product, by email only.  Please do send all technical support requests by email to; we do not offer support by telephone, post, Web forums, nor social networking Web sites.


Although we are based in Canada, our contracts with suppliers in the USA require us in many cases to observe US export control regulations, which for example forbid us from selling advanced electronic technology to persons in countries like North Korea and Iran.  We reserve the right to cancel any orders that we would not be legally permitted to fulfill, or that in our sole judgment would impose excessive regulatory compliance requirements (whether export-related or otherwise) on us even if we might be legally permitted to fulfill the orders.  You agree not to use, re-sell, or re-export any products purchased from us in any way that contravenes any Canadian or US laws or regulations, and you warrant and represent that you are not and are not associated with a person or entity, nor located in a place, subject to any Canadian or US export controls or economic sanctions.  You agree that the destination of the shipment is not a freight forwarder.

You are solely responsible for compliance with import, environmental, electromagnetic interference, safety, and all other regulatory matters relevant in the destination country.  You must pay any Customs duties, import taxes, brokerage fees, environmental charges, or similar costs related to importing the products.  We will not be responsible for, nor refund, shipments that are stopped or seized by Customs authorities.

We will not make false Customs declarations to reduce import costs.

Note that although we make reasonable efforts to ensure that everything we sell complies with the European Union directive on Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), our do-it-yourself products are meant to be assembled with solder.  If you assemble them with lead-based solder, then the result will not be RoHS-compliant and that may limit your ability to re-sell it in the European Union.  Similar considerations apply to China, California, and anywhere else with regulations that limit or forbid the use of lead solder.  We use RoHS-compliant lead-free solder in all our pre-assembled products.

Our products are not appropriate for life support, military, aerospace, automotive, or similar use, and we have no liability for such use.  You agree to use reasonable safety precautions and common sense in the use of our products.