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Eurorack power cables
Eurorack power cables
Eurorack power cables - CBL108LHG
Eurorack power cables - CBL108LHW
Eurorack power cables - CBL108RHG
Eurorack power cables - CBL108RHW
Eurorack power cables - CBL168G
Eurorack power cables - CBL168W
Eurorack power cables
Eurorack power cables
Eurorack power cables

Eurorack power cables

US$2.99 - US$5.97 add-on items

We offer Eurorack ribbon power cables for replacement or upgrade, in nostalgic "rainbow" (resistor colour code, typical of 1970s hobby electronics) or modern grey/red (most popular in Eurorack), with 16-pin or 10-pin cable, and in the case of 10-pin, both left and right configurations. These are the same cables we include, one each at no charge, with our module and kit products. If you are buying a module or kit from us then you don't need to buy its cable here - the cable is already included. Buy cables on this page only if you want extras for use with other modules.

Suitable for use with our own and most competitors' VCOs, filters, and other Eurorack modules that use standard pin header connections. Not intended for Pulplogic "tile" format, Analog Systems format, and other formats that don't use pin headers on the the module end. Suitable for use with Cwejman modules (reversed colour code) only with extreme care. These cables are made with keyed IDCs matched to the cable, allowing foolproof connection and no reversed power when used with other standard keyed connections.

Check your modules, and the drawings, for whether you want RH or LH 10-pin cables. Many modules will work with either, but sometimes one is more convenient than the other.

Because cables are small items and impractical to ship individually, they are treated as add-on items by the shopping cart system. Power cables may only be purchased with at least one regular item. Contact us if you wish to buy a larger quantity that could make up a shipment by itself, for instance to upgrade an entire system, or for customized variations like other lengths. The standard length (9 inches raw cable, roughly 8 inches overall assembly) is what we ship with our modules and kits, and is suitable for most Eurorack cases. It is long enough to reach the busboards while short enough not to create a tangle of excess cable.


North Coast Synthesis Ltd. hand-made power cables are superior to competitors or what you might make-shift for yourself because they are:

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