MSK 010 Fixed Sine Bank SDIY Kit

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Everywhere A Sine

Never run out of modulation sources again. With the MSK 010 you get eight fixed-frequency LFOs with nice smooth sine waveforms in 8HP, which is one of the best LFO to HP ratios in the Eurorack world. This easy-to-build kit requires no adjustment or calibration, making it a great introduction to synth DIY as well as a valuable support module in a large advanced DIY rack.

The MSK 010 natively generates sine waves from analog Wien-bridge oscillator cores, with a minimum of harmonic distortion. There are no glitches from waveshaping or stair-steps from insufficiently filtered digital-to-analog conversion. Modulate synthesis parameters with these for smoothly evolving timbres and mind-expanding soundscapes. a patch using multiple LFOs will not repeat its modulation state for a long time, if ever, because the cores are fully independent and will not synchronize.

Choose one of three variants of this module, each with its own set of eight nominal frequencies and cycle times. There are no duplicate or near-duplicate frequencies between different variants, so with two or three, you get the full benefit of a larger modulation palette. Because of component tolerance variation, every module will have its own one-of-a-kind pattern of exact output frequencies within a few percent of the nominal values.

Note that the DIY kit is the same for all three variants. The builder chooses the variant by putting the same resistors and capacitors in different locations on the board. The build manual contains a separate chapter with specific instructions for customizing the build to each variant.

  • Variant A - 16mHz, 60mHz, 190mHz, 410mHz, 720mHz, 1.3Hz, 4.8Hz, 16Hz (63s cycle time down to 63ms)
  • Variant B - 34mHz, 88mHz, 160mHz, 280mHz, 600mHz, 1.8Hz, 3.4Hz, 11Hz (30s cycle time down to 94ms)
  • Variant C - 28mHz, 72mHz, 130mHz, 340mHz, 2.2Hz, 4.1Hz, 7.2Hz, 8.8Hz (35s cycle time down to 110ms)

Imagine having enough LFOs to modulate everything.

  • All-new design, not a clone or imitation of anything else
  • Fast starting - full amplitude oscillations within one cycle of power-up, unlike the usual behaviour of an oscillating filter
  • Through-hole design for easy hand construction and maintenance
  • Connectors between boards, and panel components, mounted on the boards; no flying wires
  • All three variants build from the same bill of materials; one kit can be used to build any one variant of your choice.
  • No compromises on build quality: real aluminum panel, not PCB material, with colour printing; nickel and gold plating on the circuit boards; close-tolerance fixed resistors and integration capacitors.
  • Complete technical documentation released under GPL


  • 8HP Eurorack synthesizer module, 43mm deep including mated power cable.
  • Maximum current requirements in normal use: 40mA +12V, 40mA -12V. Reverse-connection protected.
  • Build difficulty: easy. All through-hole. No adjustment or trimming.


Audio demos

Click titles for patch notes, and visit our audio server for more tracks made with the MSK 010.

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